Kayak (aka, why the author is dumb)

I recently purchased tickets to go to Saint Louis for my college five year reunion. Some of you who are in the area will be excited by this news. Others of you who despise higher education will be disgusted by my returning to the scene of the crime. Still others may be wondering why I have yet to visit. Regardless, this unusual feat of cheap ticket buying was made possible by Kayak, my favorite online ticket-getter. It searches a range of airlines and cheap ticket vendors online to get you the best price. Plus, with buttons and bars on the left margin, the search is easily re-customizable. Also, for certain vendors like Priceline, it will open a simultaneous search in a new window. The only drawback is that since Kayak does not sell fares directly, sometimes a flight will sell out in the time it takes you to navigate to an airline’s website. And, per usual, Southwest is not available through their search.

Still, the information is some of the best available, and also offers possible fares on other days, and graphs showing when tickets might be cheaper. Fortunately, I was able to secure tickets on US Air for about $230. Unfortunately, I did not realize I could have gotten direct AA flights for about $250. That’s another of the problem – with so many flight choices from a single airline at the same price, price-ordered listings can be deceiving. A dollar more or less can cause an entire separate page of listings. I would have readily paid the extra 20 bucks for the direct flight, but my tickets are non-refundable. Instead I will be going through Charlotte, alas.


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  1. Alex said,

    March 5, 2008 at 1:44 pm

    I think Jeff needs to travel through this post and fix the typos.

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