What kind of face does your car have?

Some people choose their cars based on performance – high speeds, durability, safety, environmental impact, or hauling capacity.  I have never cared much about any of these things.  Personally, when my foolish parents dragged me to countless auto dealerships to check out their new cars, I was most interested in the little pamphlets that told which models came in which colors.  I knew that color was more important than make – they didn’t seem to realize.

The only real other qualifier I had (have?) about cars was what kind of face they had.  You know – the headlights make eyes, the mouth and nose made by the bumper or grill or the holes between them.  I knew I didn’t want a car with a big fat pig nose stretching across most of its face.  Hence, most trucks were out for me.  I also didn’t want a car with a big bumper lip, or one that looked like it had its front teeth knocked out.  Who wants a car with bad teeth?  Sadly, this whole ‘face’ thing left most cars out of my list.

Who remains?   The bug, old or new.  True, it does have too-big eyes and a sort of bumper lip, but the overall character of the car makes it seem clownish in a lovable way, rather than simply ugly.  Really, other than that, nothing comes to mind.  So, until the time when teh car manufacturers give me what I want, I guess I’ll just have to go with something healthy and wholesome like this (thanks, Luke Hallam)


1 Comment

  1. Shannon said,

    March 4, 2008 at 3:29 pm

    hahaha, you just said grill….

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