Game playing at the glacial level.

So I was reading one of the happy blogs I like, shape and color, (definitely check it out if you have not – there’s always fun stuff there) and discovered yet another wonderful little toy – tetris ice cube trays.  Wha?  How cool is that?  Silicon shells make them flexible for popping out even at low temperatures, so there’s less risk of breaking off one of the ‘legs’ of your little game piece.  While I’m not sure how cool these will actually look in your drink, they are fun melting on the table beforehand.  Besides, who wants ice in their drink?  Ice is obviously for playing with.

So, what other gamable ice is there out in the wide world?  Well, there are the obvious shaped varieties that have always been with us – rounded, rectangular, square, or, for the wildly minded, giant punch-ring bundt-cake shapes.  And those are fun.  Kinda.  Or, in a slightly new iteration, these little various shapes add a bit of fun.  But what can you really DO with them?  Not much.  Also in this vein are the newly popular ‘jewel’ ices.  Can we say pretty pretty princess?  But again, these are really only useful in the drink (though maybe sometime soon some clever diva will turn them into ice ring pops).  There is at least one more step up from mundane ice with these frozen shot glasses – useful, quaint, and fun.  They are highly functional, so you can do something with them.  But they aren’t nearly as playful as Tetris – once they’ve served thier one (or two or three or four, gulp) purpose, they can only be left to melt away.  Or maybe placed into another, larger drink.

Enter the king of playing-with-your-ice:  the indomitable LEGO.  True, thus far there are only the two-by-four varieties, but I see a day in the not-so distant future when every lego shape will be available ‘on ice’ and the world will glow with ice-playing.  Leave your chainsaws, picks, and other ice-sculpture materials at home – I gots lego.

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  1. February 25, 2008 at 5:07 pm

    hey water ouzel. thanks for the kick-ass compliment on my blog. much appreciated. you gots lego.

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