Back to the drawing board

Some of you may know about my recent super-fast eliminate-boredom-at-work project.  It was this – to write as many short short stories as possible in a day at work, edit them at home a day or two later, and send them off to various publishing units.  Since the stories were very short, I could work on three or four in the course of a day without distracting myself unduly from the jobbing I actually do.  And if I could churn out a hundred in a few weeks, one or two of them had to be good enough, right?  Plus it would be good exercise for my writing skills.

A number of things have conspired to get in my way.  First, my busiest-time-of-quarter.  I have barely had time to keep up on this blog, let alone write 4 stories every day.  Hence, haven’t been sending much stuff off.  Hence, haven’t been hearing much back.  So that’s not good for getting published.  Second, I have been pretty busy evenings, so the whole revision part of the process has been a big fail.  Meaning most of the stuff I’ve sent off has been less than completely quality.  Oops.  Mike, who’s been trying to be nice in critiquing stuff, says ‘it was a good exercise’, meaning go write something actually decent now.  I did get one constructive comment: “you open this story with a pile of telling which makes it difficult to draw in the reader.”  Ow pile of telling, but still, good comment.

So I guess what people are really saying is that the whole speed writing idea isn’t working so well for me.  I need to slow things down a bit and go back to reinforcing the quality of what I do.  And that’s valid.  So, hopefully things will slow down at work and home enough to give me some actual revision time, and I’ll go back to doing what I do best – writing something with a little more soul.