My new favorite WordPress feature.

So this past weekend WordPress announced its latest feature, which has to do with blog stats.  I personally love blog stats – its like spying on people you don’t know, possibly people you’ve never seen.  It’s great!

It also allows me to compare various clicks and searches.  Have more people found my website by searching google for ‘sedgehammer‘, ‘american gladiator‘, or ‘bad water‘?  (Any guesses?  Commentators?) How many people have linked up to Bob’s House of Flan from my blog? (Guess!  I dare you!) How many times have people found true romance because of things I’ve posted?  Ok, well, none, but I’m still hoping.

It just goes to show you that awesomeness can be found in the most random of places.  By awesome, I mean your puppy, and by random, I mean my blog.

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