My new favorite WordPress feature.

So this past weekend WordPress announced its latest feature, which has to do with blog stats.  I personally love blog stats – its like spying on people you don’t know, possibly people you’ve never seen.  It’s great!

It also allows me to compare various clicks and searches.  Have more people found my website by searching google for ‘sedgehammer‘, ‘american gladiator‘, or ‘bad water‘?  (Any guesses?  Commentators?) How many people have linked up to Bob’s House of Flan from my blog? (Guess!  I dare you!) How many times have people found true romance because of things I’ve posted?  Ok, well, none, but I’m still hoping.

It just goes to show you that awesomeness can be found in the most random of places.  By awesome, I mean your puppy, and by random, I mean my blog.

The Weaving Spider and the Hanging Nymph

Today I was riding to work on an abnormally long bus ride with no music, book, or other entertainment, and thinking about Greek mythology.  I don’t really know why, but the name Ariadne came to mind.  It sounds like a pretty name – it has a nice rhythm to it.  I couldn’t remember the associated myth though, so I started making up a story in my head.  In the story, Ariadne was always hit on, like a lady-friend of Zeus.  Her friend’s new boyfriend compared her name to that of Arachne, the spider lady, after saying her name was beautiful.  So he didn’t hit on her in front of his new girlfriend – major bonus points for not being an asshole.

I was surprised to find, therefore, that the two myths have more in common than the Ar-ne name similarities.   Both women were very skilled weavers and both there stories revolve around their weaving talents (Ariadne for giving Theseus the magic thread to get out of the Minotaur’s maze and defeat him, Arachne for her pride  in challenging Athena to a weaving contest).  In some versions, both hang themselves.  Arachne was turned into a spider after death and allowed to continue her weaving, whereas Ariadne only gets her crown put up in the sky as a constellation (Corona) in some myths and is brought from Hades to Olympus by her husband, Dionysus, in others.  Other possible linked figures are Erigone (related to spiders and hung herself) and ‘hanging Artemis‘.

Those crazy Greeks!  Always making stuff up.

Will Gnomies never cease?

I was surprised to note that during my recent illness and weekend time-away-from-blog, someone found my page by googling ‘hanging with my gnomies’.  I guess the phrase is becoming ever more popular, as we’re all suckers for corny jokes.  Is that a function of age?  I can remember my dad boring and annoying me consistently with his corny puns, but now that I’m almost out of my 20’s (ack! adulthood looms!), he’s occasionally funny.  Is this an early form of dementia?  Will I someday find even Airplane! (the only movie I ever had to stop watching out of boredom) entertaining?

Some people say that Frank L. Baum’s Nome King was based on the idea of gnomes.  I don’t understand how.   They’re both tricky?  I mean, isn’t it dwarves who work with precious metals and gems usually, rather than gnomes?  Don’t gnomes just steal?  And since when do garde-variety gnomes look like rocks or fear chickens?  Eggs as poison, indeed!  I mean, I’m all for fantasy, but it gets a little ridiculous when your theories try to cross about 5 different fantasy worlds.

The Sedge returns.

Only to find her normal means of transportation swamped with unruly people.  What is it about bad-weather Mondays that convince people to flock to public transportation?  I mean, I understand the use of the subway.  The subway is probably safer than the road, because it’s mostly covered, which means no snow or ice on your way to work.  But the bus?  Why was my bus ten times more crowded today?  Do more people come to work on a Monday?  Or are they just less likely to be freakishly late at the beginning of the week?  Or does the world just hate me and want to make me late wherever possible?  I got to the train station 20 minutes late due to bus overcrowding.  Which, of course, meant I had to wait for three trains before I could get on.  Coupled with the two ginormous bags I was hauling with me, I was an annoyance not only to myself, but to everyone for a wide radius around me.

Some of you may be asking why I am hauling around these bags.  It’s because I’m going snowboarding tomorrow.   One bag is not filled with snowboard – I will be renting and learning from the professionals at Sunday River.  No, one bag is filled with the extreme cold weather, waterproof clothing I will need for my downhill adventure.  One bag is half-filled with kleenex (more than usual since I have a cold) and the other half filled with snack foods, in case we get stranded on the road and have to survive in the wilderness for two weeks and don’t want to go cannibal.  Or in case we get snack hungry.

Now, some people would say that with my co-ordination, I should stay away from snowboarding.  Others would say that since I’m already sick, now would not be the time to challenge Mother Nature.  As my dad would say, pooh-bah.  What could be easier than falling down a mountain?