My Bathroom is Carpeted.

Not my current bathroom.  The one I grew up using as a child was wall-to-wall carpet.  The only uncarpeted section was the bathtub itself.  It was really a nice place to be in the morning.  My mom would bring out the little electric space heater when we were going to take a shower or a bath.  it would make the whole room toasty.  After I got out, I used to linger in front of the heater with my towel, letting my body ‘air-dry’.  Really I was probably completely drying out my skin, but that warm little heater just felt so good.

I am guessing from the content of my adult state that the heater probably had more to do with keeping the bathroom dry  than keeping me warm.  The reason most bathrooms aren’t carpeted is due to dampness and possible mold.  Tile just does better resisting the wet air.  The thing I don’t understand is when some people have wood floors in a bathroom – that seems like more trouble than carpet to me.  Personally, I don’t even like having sheetrock in the bathroom –  it’s too easy for it to get damp.  But that’s really beside the point.

The point is that I loved that bathroom, and that heater.   I loved the carpet underfoot, rich in the cold mornings.  I loved getting out into heat with a sheen of water still on my skin.  I’ve melted heaters into flaming puddles of plastic goo because of this love.  I’ve turned towels to ash.  But still, despite all the possible negatives of this kind of bathroom, when I’m lying in my warm, toasty bed in the morning, it’s still the one I’m most drawn to.


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