Late Night video games

Last night for me was a night of distinct putzing.  True, I did clean up the bathroom a little, which needed major work, and a I got a load of laundry done.  But I really feel like I did less.  Why?  Video games.  Specifically, Bioshock, which has evidently won lots of video game awards.  If you’re like me and don’t really follow computer games and don’t really care about what you’re missing, here’s a nice article on why you might want to care.  Maybe.

Granted that Bioshock is a good melding of genre types, with enough shooting for hard-core first person shooters, but enough other stuff for people like me who haven’t really been into similar games since Kings Quest and the first-generation Carmen Sandiego games, I still find it oddly attractive outside its video game role.   Why?  Perhaps because I don’t really play it.  Mike does.

When I was a kid playing KQ with my sisters, there was always a fight about who got to be in the driver’s seat.   If you were playing together, of course you all wanted to be there when various plot points unfolded, but it was always more exciting to solve the puzzles and discover things yourself, rather than watching someone else do so.  With Mike and Bioshock, this isn’t really the case.  I suck at first person shooters, and I don’t care to experiment with the different fun ways to kill things very much.  Is it amusing when you accidentally throw a corpse at an enemy?  Yeah, probably, but not that amusing.

The real fun comes from  getting to boss Mike around without actually being mad at him.  Comments such as “You haven’t gone down that hall to your left yet.  No, no your other left.  Go back!” or “There’s an Eve hypo on top of that rock.” or “B! B!  You need more health.  Nope, you’re dead.” are perceived as helpful, rather than pissy.  I get to yell with drama, rather than anger, which is always fun.

For that, I will stay up till midnight even though I was sick and meant to get to bed early.


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