The Babe with the Power

Ok, so some of you do not know my admiration of and fascination with that wonder of movies, Labyrinth. Not only does it have some of the best special effects ever (That baby did all its own stunts. Really. And there’s no puppets here. No strings.), it also showcases the talents of powerhouses David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. And if you haven’t played the Labyrinth Drinking Game, you have never properly felt the power of The Sack. Molly, I’m speaking to you here.

If you are unaware, you may even have missed the pop culture significance of this movie and its presence with us today. While I was unable to secure a photo of the Bowie Impersonator (aka Cristen) in action, I will add one soon. In the meantime, you’ll have to be contented with this.

But wait, there’s more:


The Bowie Impersonator has arrived!

And Now I’ve found the Answer…

To all my job-time blues.  Since E’bess was kind enough to post the link to the Glarkware site, I have discovered this shirt, which seems to indicate that giant things do not fit well in your garden.  While it is a quaint and humorous little thing, it has led me to a solution which will solve all of my financial troubles for the rest of my life.  It capitalizes both on the Texan and American love for things bigger, and the stupid people love for kitsch.  The answer: GIANT gnomes.

Now I know some of you are thinking who would buy a GIANT gnome?  I wouldn’t.  At least not for purposes other than investing in the gnome market and reaping a hefty profit.  But then, you, my reader, are smarter than the average bear.  Or American.  And therefore, you cannot be taken as a true indicator of the market system.  These things are going to bigger than beanie babies and Tickle Me Elmo put together.  Literally.  And what better way to show the awesome driving power of your new behemoth SUV than by loading it up with a GIANT gnome that completely takes over your tiny yard?

If anyone is looking to make a timely investment in GIANT gnomes, please let me know.

TEAL reigns again!

I noticed today in my little google tracker that someone had visited my blog as a result of a TEAL search.  That’s right, they actually typed in “typo eradication and advancement league” as their search terms.  What is going on in the world?  Has the word of this miraculous mission spread into public approval?  Have the  rampaging masses finally stopped and recognized the wickedness of their ways?  Has the general public finally called out for a spelling and grammar savior?  Have we all gone mad enough to finally become sane?

I think not yet.  But still, it gives me pause.  And then gives me hope.