The Dimmest and the Brightest

Every day, I wonder a little more about the human race.  I wonder how we haven’t killed ourselves off as a species through sheer stupidity.  And I’m not talking about climate change or pollution or anything that takes time to measure.  I’m talking about sheer lemming jump-over-the-cliff stupidity.  I myself have fallen victim to the crime of not questioning my environment at times, and knowing myself and my mental faculties, it really is a wonder that we haven’t all already jumped over that cliff.

But there are solutions.  One of them, Snopes, is a website dedicated to keeping you and me from being stupid.  It’s all about urban legends, and what they aren’t.  If you’re feeling dumb about something, it’s a good place to go for a self-esteem boost.  Some people thought Mister Ed was a horse!  That’s almost as dumb as black and white TV!

And if you’re feeling like you really need to expand your horizons, you can always learn something fun.  For example, how to make an artificial limb.    This is useful in case Snu is marooned on a  desert island and her leggy is carried off by monkeys – then she can make a new one from coconuts.  Or, if you have some time to prepare (and a laboratory), you can make yourself a bulletproof vest.  I already feel smarter, and I haven’t even made anything yet!  Also I love that the site with all this stuff is  Aren’t we clever?


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