Boredom at work strikes again!

I am as much a fan of killing time as the next person.  Heck, some days I slaughter it for hours on end.  I enjoy the occasional trashy novel, I revel in the occasional b-movie.  Heck, half my days are spent playing endless games of Scrabulous!

However, I am not what you would call a TV fan.  I do enjoy occasional shows that I make an effort to watch.  The Pretender, as some of you may know, was one of them.  Still, I don’t have ‘a show’ that I always watch every season.  If I happen to be flipping and come across something interesting, sure I’ll stick around and watch.  And I know most people find it soothing after a long day at work to relax in front of thier favorite program.  But I don’t really have long days at work, so I skip the soothing stuff.

Of course, it is occasionally difficult when I am hanging out with my peers-of-the-office and they ask the inevitable questions.  Did you see House last night?  No.  Can you believe what happened to *Barney* (Or whoever) on Lost?  I didn’t see it.  I’m so excited about the new season of Heroes!  Um, ok.  What’s you’re opinion of the writer’s strike – do you think it will ever end?  There’s a strike?  Bully for the writers!

I mean, I do get that people really like this stuff.  It’s kinda like me and most sports.  Except for football, which is the Devil.  I get why people like most sports – really I do.  And occasionally when it’s on, I get caught up in a game of something and get excited!  But I would never  hunt down a sports channel or pay for those season tickets.  It just doesn’t appeal to me enough to go out of my way for it.  I guess that’s why I’ve never understood fantasy leagues or whatever.

But, as I was browsing the MIT today, I discovered this.  What’s that, you say?  A combination of reality television and the fantasy guessing of who will be voted off next?  It’s the greatest idea since bank-by-phone!  I did check out the actual website (which I’m not posting a link to so you have to visit MIT to find it for yourself.  Ha.), and it’s pretty cool.  I was very disappointed to see there was no American Gladiators listing, however.  I intend to speak to someone about that.  Immediately.

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