Amazing New Features Coming Soon!

In my quest to love Scrabulous till the day it dies, I have been very disturbed of late when using their Facebook app. Those of you who know and love Scrabulous already may be aware of the recent controversy surrounding Hasbro’s suit against the inventors/propagators of the Scrabulous software.

Of late there has been a message on theFacebook app claiming that new features are coming.  Now, it doesn’t say what, and it doesn’t say when, but it surprises me that the two developers would be working like crazy to develop new features for a game they may be forced to shut down permanently in not too long.  I have great fear that the ‘new features’ may end up being the freezing of the site.


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  1. Ariah Fine said,

    February 1, 2008 at 4:41 pm

    speaking of Scrabulous, check out this hilarious video to the Scrabulous Song:

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