The Power of Dialogue, the Power of Action

I was browsing the interweb for items of interest when I discovered another little gem of religious discussion. The particular posting about Islam, feminism, and developing the congruence between the two (especially politically) can be read here. I highly recommend it, but I won’t reiterate what it has to say in hopes of encouraging you to look for yourself.

The World Council of Churches, which is one of the organizations, which participates in the Ecumenical Women’s coalition that wrote the article,  is an organization that makes me feel very much at home.  I’ve gone to their conferences before, and a part of what I admire in that organization is the way that denominational language, belief, and other barriers which cause us to be divided come together so smoothly within this group.  I like it – it makes me happy.  Not that I’m willing to give up those separate beliefs I’ve worked hard to determine.  But it’s nice to be able to dialog, and this women’s group is a further extension of that.   I like it.

In addition, the group seems to be concerned with the more active pieces of faith, the part that makes you aware not only of who you are but what you simply must do to make the world the way it needs to be.  I have tremendous respect for people who professionally pursue that end every day.  While I don’t personally see my life going in that direction at the moment, it’s something I should be more aware of.  I think we could all really do more living of our beliefs.

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