Why my boss continues in awesomeness.

Mike’s boss can be a little flip-floppy in attitude, but one of the things I’ve been a little jealous of is the closer relationship he seems to have with at least a group of his colleagues.  They seem to do more stuff together on their own time – go out more, have more ‘events’ that are not really work-sponsored, that kind of thing.  I like that.  I want that.   Recently my boss seems to have picked up on my subliminal messaging in that direction.

Don’t get me wrong – we’ve always had our share of fun activities.  Occasionally we go out for drinks after work or whatever, though that’s pretty rare.  And there are two work-sponsored activities a year – one in winter, and one in summer.  So that’s nice, and I think it does serve its purpose of building camaraderie and working relationships.   But still, I want more.  I like the people I work with, which is part of what makes my boring boring job so bearable.

Sometiems though, events are exclusive.   Last year all the big guys – managing directors and directors – went skiing together and told each other secrets.  That’s when everyone but me learned my boss’s wife was moving and he was looking to buy a house.  And, of course, lowly admin are not invited.

This year, everyone is going.  You have to pay for yourself, of course, but the accommodations and transportation are being arranged.   So everyone, pretty much, will be in on the secrets, too.  I appreciate that.

The second thing is the bake-off.  I don’t know how we got started – probably some trash talk about my boss’ baking skills, or lack thereof.  He claimed he could win a competition against everyone in the office – he was a good baker – and we claimed he was mistaken.  So, now Corina is setting the whole thing up – rules, judges, everything – and we’re going to bake like crazy.  I’ve already had one experiment, which came out delicious but looking nto perfect.  I need to make some major recipe modifications.

Bottom line is, now we have a freaking EVENTS calendar at work, and it’s getting booked up.  Go boss man!


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