Revamp – Writers, Untie!

So, this didn’t end up getting very far, but I’m putting it back up to promote further growth. Add a line as you like, not more than one in a row.

Me: It was a bright, shining, light-filled sort of midwinter morning.

Corina: Snow enveloped every branch, rock and roof except for one tiny speck of glistening blue off in the distance.

Alex: As I walked, the blue speck grew to a dot, then even larger.

Me: It grew to the size of a small dime.

My Brother/Boyfriend:  Wisps of breath lingered behind me, the blue dime becoming a bluer quarter.

Me: Suddenly I realize the large, bluer quarter with wispy breath is trying to eat me!

Alex: I unsheathed my trusty Swiss Army knife to defend myself.


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