More Muslims and Food for Thought (almost)

I was wandering around in the blogosphere and stumbled across this nicely meandering Islamic writer’s spot.  While the writer seemed a little disparaging of his own faith commitment at the moment, It reminded me of my own lacks and lapses and gave me a friendly little reminder about what I might do about it – afternoon tea for one.

I love people.  I genuinely love being around people.  But sometimes, I need to get away for awhile.   Living with Mike has increased this need.  Even when I had more roommates, there were still times that I’d end up at the apartment by myself, with a little time to just reflect and be.  Now I tend to plan my free time to spend it with him.  When he goes out with work buddies, I’m usually out of the house too.  And vice versa.  And I love being able to spend that spare time with him.  it’s really really nice to have someone to come home to.

More than that though, I’ve realized how much I miss having my own time.  I have an intense focus something, which allows me to block the outside world out, and I need that to a certain extent.  it helps me get things done, and also allows me to create the semblance of alone-time.  But I need more, and I need to be more contentious about creating that time for myself.   I need to sit down with no distractions every once and awhile to think.  Maybe to write, maybe just to get my head cleared out, but mostly just to think.  I need to be sure to take the time to balance myself, and to evaluate my life – not in terms of directing my future, but just in terms of what it is.  I need to let experience sink in deep, from the roots of my hair to the tips of my toes.


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