I love Hersheys kiss cordials!

Somebody in Pennsylvania is a marketing genius.  True, early endeavors in spicing up the ol’ kiss were breif flashes in the pan only – take the ‘hugs’ line for instance.  For awhile, everyone was buying them.  then they realized something – ‘hugs’ are gross.  But poor taste aside, the innovation did boost sales for awhile – why not go with it?  As a result, today there are nine versions of the original available on an ongoing basis – Milk Choc, Milk Choc. with Almonds, Special Dark, HUGS, Filled with Caramel, Filled with Peanut Butter, Filled with Chocolate Truffle, Dulce de Leche, and Pink Kisses.

Then there’s the ‘Special Editions’.  I guess this is the equivalent of those minty holiday m&ms, which are also pretty addictive.  M&ms didn’t need so many flavors to keep current – just plain, peanut, almond, and peanut butter, with the seasonal mint – but I guess they had a more delicious candy to start with.  Anyway,  the current limited editions are cherry cordial and coconut creme.  I’m not so big on coconut, but the cordials are delicious.  I’ve already had four and there’s no sign of me slowing down…

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