Curly-hair products and other womanly things

I am a little hesitant to put up an entry with ‘womanly things’ in the title. Womanly things tend to be those things that are not discussed in polite or ‘mixed’ company. Actually, that whole embarrassment over regularly occurring events such as menstruation or drying your boxers on a line outside your apartment is a little weird. Still, I’m at least grateful to not be in Japan, where laughing is so embarrassing for a girl that she has to hide it. I’d have to use both hands.

Digressions aside, I still think ‘womanly things’ is an accurate way to discuss my topic. Unless you happen to be a straight male with an intense fondness for styling product. If so welcome! But try not to goo on me when I give you a hug.

The wonders of modern consumer tracking often amaze me. There I am, scrabulously minding my own business on facebook, when I happen to notice the ad in the margin. It was an ad for curly-hair products, no doubt aimed at my distinctive fro. As far as how that specific ad linked up to me – did my sisters call me fro-head one too many times on facebook? had I recently visited some website related to anti-frizz product that it tracked onto? – I am still in the dark. But the skill at which internet target marketing is expanding amazes me. Some people take this as invasive, but I’m ready for the day when I’ll only have to shop through the stuff I actually want. Ah consumerism! In the wake of Christmas, how you enliven my little footpads!

I did check out the curly hair place, for those of you who are interested. Not all that great or unique, but their marketing department definitely wins.


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