Christmas Card Woes

This year was my first year to send out the big big list of Christmas cards with letters. It wasn’t that big of a deal – there were several addresses I ended up needing to get from people, but all in all the experience was pleasant. In general, I like talking about myself, which I guess is partly why I’m starting this blog.

The problem comes later, as it always does, with the people I’ve forgotten. I was at a wedding in Texas for New Year’s and realized I’d only sent cards to half of my college friends. Oops. Then the people who’d gotten the play-by-play of my past year of life start discussing it in detail. Limberly insert foot into mouth here.

So, here’s my very public apology to everyone I forgot. You’ll be getting a Christmas card from me in 2008 with many happy returns and a few apologies, just as soon as I remember who each of you are.